♫♪  Elucid - Osage

Current member of Armand Hammer and Cult Favorite, former member of Lessondary and Concrete Sound System, nephew of DJ Stitches, and longtime creator of dub-inflected Afrofuturist hip-hop, Elucid returns from a quiet 2015 to blow your mind with a 16-minute mix named after the avenue upon which the MOVE Organization was based until its headquarters was bombed by the Philadelphia Police Department. (Pictured above on the mix’s cover, Birdie Africa, the only child to survive the bombing, is driven to relative safety, his skin burnt but not yet grafted.) If you think you have a decent idea of what this mix sounds like based on those two sentences, please toss that rebel child of a thought out the car window of your mindset and just listen.

Now that you’ve heard a bunch of primordial fire-starters produced by Elucid, with him also on vocals, two featuring billy woods, one Ohbliv beat, and a couple poems by Amiri Baraka and Warsan Shire, consider that none of these tracks are even on Elucid’s Backwoodz Studioz solo debut, Save Yourself, which is tentatively scheduled for an April 15 release. In fact, Osage is something Elucid recorded in the span of a weekend; Save Yourself has been in the works since at least 2014. The former will soon be available in a continuous mix cassette format; the latter will be on LP, CD, mp3, WAV, flac, ashen Black Ark dubplate, and in the deepest recesses of space and time.

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