♫♪  Elvis Depressedly - “Slip”

Photo by: Wendy Stumman

Finding a song that genuinely resonates with me on first listen is not an everyday occurrence, but Elvis Depressedly’s single “Slip” does exactly that. The track — taken from their new EP California Dreamin’, which on the flip-side of the combination LP contains their previously released EP, Holo Pleasures — has the same faraway, dreamily wistful tone as the songs on Holo Pleasures, but it still feels unique; a perfect blend of refreshing newness mixed with the welcome ease of nostalgia. It’s the kind of song that benefits from repeat plays, not just because it’s good, but also because it feels remarkably fitting, regardless of mood. It’s sort of like the first cloud-covered day of fall; it doesn’t matter if you’re feeling over-the-moon happy or ultra miserable or in love or desperately lonely or anything in between, because no matter what, it makes whatever you’re feeling seem more whole, more real, more deeply felt somehow.

“Slip” does what a track by Elvis Depressedly does best: thoughtful melodies and strong songwriting. There’s an exquisite balance of bounce and melancholy present in this song that makes it more than just a well-done musical composition. Maybe that’s why it’s so easy to find a sort of kinship and solace within Mat Cothran’s distant lyrical delivery that truly set the tone for the track. The Holo Pleasures/California Dreamin’ LP will be released early this summer through Run For Cover Records and will undoubtedly be an equally solid, candid collection of material both new and known. Have a listen for yourself:

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