♫♪  emamouse ✕ yeongrak - “rotenshow”

It’s true: we’ve no idea where we’re going. We’re lost. We’re missing targets. We’re losing sleep. We’re on a warpath to nowhere. We’re all out here waiting. We’re all inside wasting. We’re constantly in contact with each other out of context. We’re forever obtuse. We’re just the right size for mediocrity. We’re not really handling things very well. We’re extremely, “Whatever.” We’re smack-dabbed. We’re drugged up. We’re without purpose or cause. We’re surrounded by crippling failure. We’re not fixing our mistakes. We’re constantly yelling at the top of our lungs. We’re all talking about something for nothing really. We’re never going to escape.

Try the temporary solution and mean something. Check out the new video “rotenshow” by emamouse x yeongrak. “rotenshow” is a single off their new Quantum Natives release Mouth Mouse Maus, which can be downloaded entirely here!

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