♫♪  The Flag - “To Wear the Vest of Wealth”

Geographic North, a label we at TMT roll heavy with, is releasing Heat Waves by The Flag (a.k.a. ex-These Are Powers member Ted McGrath). Out July 7, Heat Waves was recorded last year in McGrath’s studio where the Brooklyn-based artist spent shredding into his multitrack. “To Wear the Vest of Wealth” is the first glimpse into The Flag’s debut LP. The track was originally used by McGrath to title a collection of recordings from 2011 while under the name ATM – a name McGrath “was compelled to change the name for any number of reasonable reasons.” Now McGrath is recording under another ungooglable name with an equally ungooglable LP title. It feels American. It’s rock ‘n’ roll, hold the flare. It’s made in a sweaty box in New York City. It’s straight-faced, rolled-eyes noise. It’s latter-day no-wave.

As for the video, a friend once said whenever he saw abandoned food on the sidewalk he would totally avoid it, cross the street even, because he always figured it was a trap. Because who leaves perfectly good food on the street? Maybe he’s got a point. Maybe the dude is totally wrong. Maybe The Flag know something we don’t: that all evil in the world can be killed with no-wave and a good burger.

Pre-order Heat Waves over on Geographic North.

• The Flag: http://theflagisaband.com
• Geographic North: http://geographic-north.com

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