♫♪  fluff pup - “bae only knows”

Deeply tapped and hacked into all internet zones, through glitched out systems and wifi anti-algorithms, across grungy guerrilla hard-wired microwaves, fluff pup comes flickering out of 1s and 0s of sound. As I saw fluff pup in rare form via hologram within an abandoned Bedford Stuyvesant apartment/den, “bae only knows” trickled throughout the Brooklyn Wednesday-night skyline and reverberated the location so that windows and minds microscopically cracked. Blending between holographic image and a screen on the wall projecting the single edition of Mario Kart 8 featuring the driver fluff pup, comprehension of “What is a performance?” began to break my mentality as I was handed a controller, and was moving around the holoimage of the performer, rather than the character within the game.

On the straight LOW-LOW, fluff pup may have been actually mixing/producing live in Pittsburgh, and set up a handful of holo-shows across the world, one being in Brooklyn. Luckily, my thoughts we smashed in enough to barely understand what I was gazing into and (more-so) sonically becoming a part of. CUT TO: me on the beach, listening to Pet Sounds on my cassette player, I am roach deep on a previously thick BASEBALL SPLIFF, yet suddenly the reel is stretched to the tune of “bae only knows,” and I see a holo-effigy of fluff pup waving and fading into the ocean. The people next to me want a puff, but I’m all tripped up, so I flicked ‘em the end bit.

• fluff pup: https://soundcloud.com/fluff-pup

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