♫♪  Forced Into Femininity - “Pit”

My pal Stevie-Pieces is giving me a leather couch today and my first question was, “Is it sticky?” Then, I could only imagine eating hot dinners on it evenings to come, and never being able to chill on it naked during the summer, like. I melt just sitting, watching television. So imagine me on that leather couch. And it’s BLACK! Shit, if I had only watched this video for “Pit” by Forced Into Femininity while typing this on that couch. That black leather couch. Turing into a jacuzzi in the afternoon. Maybe a pizza in front of me I full from eating, still smelling that smell that eventually makes you sick. “Pit” is all of these feelings. Feel it and continue on to…

One of the things I love about Hausu Mountain is the FAITH they put into artists and cassettes they release. For example, Forced Into Femininity’s new Heterochromea tape is pure niche, but completely next level Fantômas/Mr. Bungle fan fodder. Like, not just Mike Patton love: Forced Into Femininity personifies and hyper accentuates each member of each band to such a unique and characterizing level, it feels like Heterochromea beholds a multitude of genius. It’s operatic in a melted way that twists cinematic angles of anguish into portraying raw emotion buried by this digital world. Reach out in Heterochromea streaming below:

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