♫♪  Forgotten Light - “Repetitions (For the Depressed)” [stream + mix]

Forgotten Light is Leonce Nelson, who is part of Datavision Ltd., is La Mer, is Gotherm, and is co-owner (with Will Burnett of INTERNET CLUB/Datavis) of the new, intriguing, super-limited-run cassette label, Hexagon (phew!). Forgotten Light has a beautiful new track from a new cassette titled Window, made available for the first time here on the Chocolate Grinder. We’re proud to present the soothingly smooth “Repetitions (For the Depressed),” which is not at all as somber as you might expect. In fact, drone like this feels like it’s painted in bright, vibrant colors, evoking imagery of sunrises or partly-cloudy, carefree sorts of days. Maybe the point is for these “repetitions” (found in the seemingly infinite wave of textured chord softly lapping over itself as the track cycles its way past your eardrums) to cheer your miserable, staring-at-your-work-computer ass up a little bit. And I tell you what — it’s working from my perspective. Listen to the track here:

“Repetitions (For the Depressed)” is also included on a custom mix that Nelson made for the Music For Programming series. The mix features the gentle sounds of some of ambient’s elite, all softly effected and blended into this elongated smear of nerve-calming gorgeousness, with only a single breath taken towards the last quarter. A track from Gas’ masterpiece Pop makes an early appearance, followed by works from Burial, Oneohtrix Point Never, and How to Dress Well. And then, of course, there are several of Nelson’s own pieces (across several of his guises, of which I have a feeling there may be more out there I’ve yet to find) in addition to “Repetitions (For the Depressed).”

With the announcement of that stupid-amazing and stupid-expensive looking 9xLP Basinski box set lighting up my Twitter feed last week (I saw another one that boasts 16… not sure about that…), I think it’s safe to say we’re all ready and able to sit around and let our jaws gape to some drone for an hour. I mean, just an hour? That’s nothing. Shit, it’s Friday, you’re there (er… here), so just relax, click play, and get some shit done while letting your brain calmly melt down into your neck. Like you were using it anyway. This mix is sure to wilt whatever data entry or e-filing you might have going on at the office into a numbing blob of time passed. Check it out here.

• Hexagon: http://hexagonlabel.com

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