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As a head space, words implicate thoughts on to paper and through sound. Sound creates meaning to verb and/or noun, as does the word to interpretation, and hearing is to actually believe in verbal reality. Collage in thought comes as frequent as your clock ticking to the next and the next and the next minute after, and you think it’s real. Nope, not real. Yet whole. But that moment before completely losing thought, when your brain moves blood to one side in order to think on the other, that moment… wounded in stifled thought… “Stanch.” Taping and drawing upon feelings and deeply forgotten memories and shutting them off. Flowing your natural thought and direction to another sensory overload. Is it a bucket or an actual drum? A masterpiece? Or is it tryna turn off your tape recorder on the other side of the most cluttered basement?

Freddy Ruppert has hidden his answers within the confines of his new NNA Tapes album, Hangs a Shadow. The entire release is of the original sort, but it plays out as though you’ve heard half of this release before but are unsure from where. It’s like, “Yo, that’s the clicking a crosswalk makes on Hyatt and Broadway in Tipp City, Ohio at the 3:41 mark of track 6, I swear.” And the memories will make you feel all sorts of emotions. It’s very enlightening and refreshing in a creepy, theoretical way, but it works, and words will be beyond the thoughts that’ve been shut off to you since that sound and the other sound and all them sounds.

Freddy Ruppert’s Hangs a Shadow is out tomorrow, April 9, on NNA Tapes.

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