Entry only by rail-road to hiking trail to runway to Tobago Tracks finds any travel in the “Frontseat.” You found ??? is the resident president. WRONG! You, mam, are the president. And it’s time for some changes. Let’s turn streets into dance floors. Want to work? Sure! Work, but work it like that brow can’t hold a sweat. There’s nobody out here. Invite them.

Host the greatest dance party your apartment complex has ever beheld. Tell everyone you live with; tell them to “Come thru.” You up? It’s about time you danced. Let’s all move together in a land that only worlds like ours can create. Be the change you want to see. Have the ears for everything heard. And if you haven’t yet, keep it to the ground. Tobago Tracks continue to rumble out the bangers. “Frontseat” is the ??? you’ve been answering all your life:

Chocolate Grinder

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