♫♪  Future Ape Tapes - “Man With The Eagle Eye”

Hooker Vision, set and ready for September, slid Future Ape Tapes’ video for “Man With The Eagle Eye” through the cracks of some decayed wood from a cracker style porch just in time for their upcoming cassette Pyramirrormid, which is as fun to say as it is to try and imagine.

Label co-founders Grant and Rachel Evans saw an opportunity to celebrate the recent release of their solo albums by building a cradle out of Alpha Piscium and Lacerations cassettes, and filling it with three brand new tapes; #blessed.

Original bandmates, Donald Whitehead and Thomas Valadez, and a rotating cast of local musicians have keep Future Ape Tapes evolving for near a decade. Fuck The Future was 2006’s collage of tape-based samples; Temples kept the good mood food; Figure Eights and Reincarnations>>>> honed in on zoned out; 2014 is where we are, Pyramirrormid is the culmination. The video and first look, directed by ultra-homeboy Michael Lauden – their new percussionist and doesn’t appear on the tape – mirrors and distorts layers of analog and digital and a geocentric wrap-around that is Pyramirrormid. Future Ape Tapes are one part premeditated adrenalin two parts a primal vein for what the collapse of man entails and it’s going to be rad.

Cop one of the one hundred pro-dubbed tapes off Hooked Vision September 4 and flip through Future Ape Tapes’ extensive bandcamp and check the other two upcoming Hooker Vision releases: Quiet Evenings and Abyssal Farmers.

• Future Ape Tapes: http://www.futureapetapes.com
• Future Ape Tapes: https://futureapetapes.bandcamp.com
• Hooker Vision: http://hookervision.blogspot.com

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