♫♪  Future Museums - “Rosewater Ceremony”

When you get the news about another slayer of a cassette from Holodeck, you pay attention. With Rosewater Ceremony, the label debut for Neil Lord’s Future Museums project, we’re being treated to some drifting ambient zones, cosmic splashes of noise, and an all around groovy sound. The slow burning “Orbit Collapse” carefully balances earth tone guitar lines and hypnotic percussion, while the tape’s penultimate tune, “Hang Low, Moon,” lets a keyboard loop drift among space dust encrusted guitars and a soothing rhythm. From beginning to end, Rosewater Ceremony is a quiet shredder, for late nights staring at the stars. You can Pre-order that tape right now, but you won’t have to wait too long, since it drops Friday, as in this Friday, February 2. Stream the whole thing below, and immerse yourself in the quiet yet immersive sound of an early year highlight among the ambient heads.

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