♫♪  Ghost Against Ghost - “Unarm”

The cosmos is one soft pillow. I rest my head on the core of a star just as it detonates, spewing glitter, heat, color trails, interstellar dust. The explosion is deadly and dazzling, so saturated with color that I wonder if it’s been photoshopped?

I call it a close shave. Many have boasted that theirs is the “smoothest razor” but I’ve never felt a razor—really, more moodstone than razor—quite this smooth.

Clean-shaven and seared by windblown interstellar dust, I lift my head from my cosmic pillow and look around. This alien life is on full display behind the microphone. Little explosions everywhere. Crash cymbals detonate land mines; immediately afterwards the guitar and its friends prolong the decay of beauty with embalmment and stints of obliterated time.

I yawn and try to get out of my half-lucid birth dream. Everything slows down around me, slowed all the way down to epic war-torn slow motion, limbs and screams and ammo and debris. A charge—an electrical charge—is headed my way and fast.

I intend to blink. Instead, my eyes never open again. I watch the action from under my eyelids. It’s painful and it’s pleasant, with a force so smooth I may never get out of the nucleus and back into orbit. The clock is ticking past the million mark. So, not so easy on the ears, Ghost Against Ghost, OK?

Ghost Against Ghost is neoclassical composer Christopher Bono, with drummer Thomas Pridgen (Mars Volta, Trash Talk) and Anthony Molina (Mercury Rev).

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