♫♪  Ghost Soda - Further Deep Down

Halfshell Records are knocking in another Seattle-bred release with their release of Ghost Soda’s debut EP Further Deep Down. The solo work from 26-year-old Cameron Walden is tethered loosely to his keyboard, backlit by bottom shelf green and pink bulbs in a damp, lightly fogged den inside Further Deep Down. The eyes that usually scan the floor are bleeding through the room like the American Beauty gym dream sequence and Dan Bejar’s saxophone got together and co-wrote a how-to on sick basslines. Ghost Soda is a contempt John Maus alone stoking a fire.

What draws Further Deep Down in towards its sky-high demeanor is the same quality that grounds it: it gets deep into Cameron’s psyche and down on the dancefloor. The world Ghost Soda floats down from is self-reaffirming and clouded in doubt. Cut through the foggy patches, warm reverb, and rub-your-shoulders-and-whisper-sweet-nothings-in-your-ear bass, and tracks like “Wait 4” is Cameron’s answer to questions like “Why don’t you come around more often?” or, less directly, “You’re usually quiet, aren’t you?” And, retroactively, the closer “Back In The Void,” where we’re led into the room no one really gets to see too often. The darkened room where small childhood secrets lay in books on shelves and dust covers them all. The words “you’re in my heart, you’re in my head” are scribbled next a name, but it’s too dark to see. We’re led out of the room, then the house, then to a digital storefront.

Further Deep Down is available now on digital and cassette from Halfshell Records and Ghost Soda.

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