….Giving Up, duh!!

Pretend everything is going well and it will. If manifest destiny just always happened the way you wanted it to, we’d never have a meaning to put behind the phrase. Let’s get with it and follow Giving Up as they’re rarely “OVERDRESSED IN UNDERWEAR.” Smoke out nostrils always. Fleeting drawings of this and colors. Mirages are for the dreamers. Begin the adventure. And animations, edits, and directions by Mikie Poland forever. Pre-orders out the ears. Doin’ splits with Saralee (Boston two-piece music machine). Sophomore Lounge surpasses tons of student AND musician hierarchy. Cute bits licking your ears in flashes of popped-out tents made of luau button-up shirts surrounded in a cloud of pink. Giving Up ARE playing real instruments in this video for “OVERDRESSED IN UNDERWEAR.” You’re just imagining them wearing clothes. But why? That curly hair (!!!!) and Adam’s apple. Basically, if you want to scope ‘em IRL, and see if they really DO only wear undies, you’ll have to catch em on tour. Tour dates below (not to grip on News swaggery):

10.09.13 - Louisville, KY - Le Commune
10.10.13 - Whitesburg, KY - Summit City
10.12.13 - Athens, GA - Crab Shaq (house)
10.14.13 - Valdosta, GA - Red Door Records
10.15.13 - Atlanta, GA - The 529
10.16.13 - Savannah, GA - The Hang Fire
10.17.13 - Greensboro, NC - New York Pizza
10.18.13 - Chapel Hill, NC - The Cave
10.19.13 - Richmond, VA - Storage Section B
10.20.13 - Baltimore, MD - Club K
10.21.13 - Philly, PA - Kung Fu Necktie (upstairs)
10.22.13 - New York, NY - The Hose
10.23.13 - Hadley, MA - Haydenville Barn
10.24.13 - Burlington, VT - Billings Hall
10.25.13 - Biddeford, ME - The Oak + The Axe
10.26.13 - Boston, MA - JP Drive-In (house)
10.27.13 - Rochester, NY - The Phunk House
10.28.13 - Oberlin, OH - TBA
10.29.13 - Louisville, KY - Nachbar

“Wanna hang with us on our day off? Wanna know the address to the venue? Fuck it. Call Mikie (630) 212-6220.”

• Giving Up: http://sophomoreloungerecords.com/saraleegivingup.htm
• Sophomore Lounge: http://sophomoreloungerecords.com

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