♫♪  Gora Sou - “Manolo”

HD sounds have never been “my thing.” Not as much as other pals of mine. Especially music-making pals. I’m just particular to gritty composition. Though, it’s a real hassle to achieve both sounds, as I understand. And Gora Sou is fucking with some Giant Claw, Seth Graham, 0PN levels here that potentially antiquate what has been made by these three within the last three years. Like, Living XXL was OK. I covered it, somewhere. It was tite. But if the new Gora Sou album Ramifications on Orange Milk Records sounds anything like the single “Manolo,” sign me up on the reel, boiii.

It’s not that I don’t mind or unappreciate HD sounds. Gora Sou still clearly conveys a mindset that’s eagerly maniac in “Manolo,” fluxing between twitchy and atmospheric sounds. Rhythms vying as part of the melody. Synthetics just oozing with intangible materialism. Psychedelics realmed as a side-note, where it should always be in all art. This fucking horn! Like, if you can’t put “Manolo” by Gora Sou on repeat for the next hour, your Wednesday won’t be as uplifting as you thought.

PRE-ORDER Gora Sou’s Ramifications on Orange Milk Records, and jam on “Manolo” below until the reel arrives:

• Gora Sou: https://gorasou.bandcamp.com
• Orange Milk Records: http://www.orangemilkrecords.com

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