♫♪  Grandma Sparrow - “The Pigsmilk Candycane”

So, as I’m a realist (LOL), I’d like to think that one day I’ll have a clan of kids (maybe my own; maybe not my own), but when I sift through my LPs, I’m always thinking which LPs would be good for my (future) kin as they grow up. Yeah, Apple Brains is solid pie. Maybe more Zappa than Beefheart, but both work. Definitely some Ween too. But now it’s at the level of buying LPs for kids while in my pre-kid stage. And they’re probably not even coming for another five years. Yet, in the mean time, I’ll know ALL the words to Grandma Sparrow & his Piddletractor Orchestra, which seems to be intended more for adults anyhow, but music-is-music, and gettin’ stoked on having fun is (not fascistly required anywhere, but…) FOR EVERYONE!!

“The Pigsmilk Candycane” is exactly what I’m talking about. It’s as though it was written to be sung at a camp for adults hosted/ran by children. Though, Grandma Sparrow has found an interesting way to traverse musical worlds and genres and listenership via theme. By making “The Pigsmilk Candycane” more like a sing-along creates an atmosphere for people to join in and experience a physically separated community — that may also be out there listening to it in their home, or at work — singing along with everyone else listening. Thus, if you’re looking for a good fucking time, grip the NUTS off Grandma Sparrow & his Piddletractor Orchestra and have a BLAST forever after via Spacebomb Records. Scope “The Pigsmilk Candycane” in the mean-time and let loose this Monday to the idea of having fun:

• Grandma Sparrow: http://www.grandmasparrow.com
• Spacebomb Records: http://spacebombrecords.com

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