♫♪  Hayden Pedigo - “Stray” feat. Danny Paul Grody

The latest LP from Seattle’s killer Debacle Records comes courtesy of Amarillo, TX guitarist Hayden Pedigo. Five Steps veers between two sides of Pedigo’s musical spectrum: crisp, beautiful acoustic numbers that build upon his low-key debut album, and tripped out, blasted experimentation on the other (the side-long “Dream Theory Parts One-Four”). You’ll just have to wait to hear the rest, but for now you can grab a glass of whiskey, sit out on the porch, and let “Stray” soundtrack these fleeting sunny summer afternoons. It’s a gorgeous tune that gives a good indication of what to expect from the first half of the record; however, there should be further hints at the darkness to come from the album’s second half, so keep an eye out for more details from Debacle in anticipation of Five Steps’ October 28 release date.

• Hayden Pedigo: http://haydenpedigo.bandcamp.com
• Debacle Records: http://www.debaclerecords.com

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