♫♪  Heroin In Tahiti / Ensemble Economique - No Highway / Black Vacation [split LP]

And now we’re moving with No Highway. Terror seeps in and grasps onto emotions only solid in form, but audible together. As a crack in your skull secretes wasted thoughts, gathering them in a dream full to the brim may just allow them to pour into reality. Fine, yes: FINE! Let paranoia and joy blend into a new flavor of ice cream made to mend what you’ve let escape. Feel the deed of panic while fulfilling your need indulge. Become again as whole and theory. Flesh as human and dream as desire. No Highway, HAH! Keep moving until it sets in. It being FUN. Fun being movement. Movement being a dance in which everything pounds into a haze of rhythm to beat, and breathe-breathe. Breathe to the breaking point of hesitation and dream. To your mind. To No Highway ever.

Once upon this Black Vacation, your feelings become reality, and hypo-hypo becomes water which wades warm. It’s dark. It’s a Black Vacation; fuck off, of course it’s dark. Yeah, dark and mucky, like crude oil. Yet, it ain’t none of that crude oil. It’s all the wasted vacations you’ve taken before, melted into a puddle of shame before you, so take the dive. Make this Black Vacation an escape for your imagination. It’ll never get back here. Never again will it form a thought of lovely and holy. Covered in the failure of what you once thought peaceful is now enveloping your existence. Fucking… heavy.

Hit up this Ensemble Economique and Heroin In Tahiti No Highway/Black Vacation split LP April 10 (Wednesday), and feel their audible trip into creativity.

• Ensemble Economique: http://ensembleeconomique.tumblr.com
• Heroin In Tahiti: http://heroinintahiti.bandcamp.com
• Sound of Cobra: http://soundofcobra.tk
• NO=FI Recordings: http://nofirecordings.blogspot.com

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