♫♪  High Falls - “Sucker 3”

Stitched together scenes and images; a quilt of memory sewn by hand. Each clip of travel footage in High Falls’ “Sucker 3” video is a piece of patchwork telling it’s own story, an intimate collection of experiences set to the melancholy comfort of gentle guitar and earnest vocals. Like wrapping yourself up on a grey winter day in the blanket someone who loves you left for you to keep you warm; a feeling of wistful loneliness combined with a tender contentment.

Honest words softly sung over scenes of landscapes and cityscapes, like thinking back on all the memories you’ve made, that make you smile up at the star-lined sky grateful to merely exist. Frigid nights spent watching the clouds formed by your own breath, a reminder that even in the coldest and darkest moments, you are still here. The placid flow of scenery and images is the feeling of warm-hearted freedom that washes over you, envelops you, driving aimlessly down unfamiliar streets in places too new to become your favorites yet.

Watch High Falls’ tangibly pastoral and equally ethereal video for “Sucker 3” for yourself:

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