♫♪  House of 909 - “So Much Love For You”

Eighteen years ago, a trio from London released a four-sided, midtempo house album entitled The Children We Were which, like many of its counterparts, was released, underappreciated, and soon laid dormant – but for House of 909, their hour is here again thanks to the team over at Cascine who are reissuing the debut. Consisting of Nigel Casey, Trevor Loveys, and Affie Yussuf, House of 909 held up for the better part of five years, accumulating a stack of 10” and 12” samplers, EPs, remixes, and one full-length album with UK imprint Pagan Records. All three members had careers outside of the group, some more publically prolific than others, but their arguably most well-known contribution was House of 909.

Coming out of a cicada-type slumber, “So Much Love For You” is as fresh and pertinent today as its conception. The track features Depasois’ story of a father’s abandonment; a story of love, heartache, and a plea for reconciliation over a polished, elegant absorb. The experience of The Children We Were is right in the title. The experience of a few finite moments where childhood and adulthood are both fresh, unreal images – the space consumed and time elapsed while turning a corner where you can see ahead and look behind with a sliver of clarity. It’s absolute and temporary as aging is, but there are many corners and shifting lenses from which they’re viewed. For House of 909, nearly two decades have passed since their debut album dropped and that corner was turned, but this holds a familiar touch and they’re wise enough to kick back for a minute.

The Children We Were was remastered, the artwork was redesigned, and the record was repackaged. Cascine has done a magnificent job presenting the work of House of 909 and they’re happy to give it a home. The reissue of The Children We Were is out August 7 digitally and as a limited edition run of 150 12” vinyl. PREORDER HERE!!!!

• House of 909: http://www.discogs.com/artist/2042-House-Of-909
• Cascine: http://www.cascine.us

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