♫♪  HSY - Bask

Toronto sludge-punks HSY (pronounced “Hussy”) are opening their own Necronomicon on September 11 with their debut LP Bask. The twelve tracks, crawling through one another with their mud crusted teeth showing, are abrasive, unsanded sludge morphing further into heavier, blacker distortions as the album progresses. For those unsure, the warning is clear. Bask’s intro is a slow-coming, forbearing mayday siren that shortly fades into HSY’s raw noise that made their self-titled EP and numerous splits so great. Songs like “Cyber Bully” (an earlier version was on a split 7” with Phantasm Blast) and one of Bask’s standouts “Sally” (released in April) have been in HSY rotation for a minute, but the cohesiveness of the album and its corresponding ride toward a harsher, faster, and grimier depth makes Bask a fucking killer record.

Pre-order Bask on 12” vinyl or digitally from iTunes.

HSY is going back on tour in the run up to Bask’s release, playing shows with labelmates Dilly Dally, noise punks Pop 1280, and sludge gods Old Man Gloom.

• HSY: https://hsy666.bandcamp.com
• Buzz Records: http://buzzrecords.ca

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