Hubble + Patrick Breiner
“Hubble Chase”

In their most grandiose game of cat and mouse, Ben Greenbreg (Hubble) and Patrick Breiner present “Hubble Chase.” Patrick blowing channeled diddies on ya right ear. Ben shredding salad in ya left. Your mind crashing down at the center. On the fake, put this MP3 on repeat, and you’ll hear things from the beyond. Like, inner-trans-dimensional shit arises behind your face, and maybe that’s an elephant or an ambulance sound. Maybe all your bodily functions are vibrating in such a tuned frequency your insides are transported onto a different plane of reality where people “walk” around inside-out. On the reel, “Hubble Chase” is exclusive to Suongs Records’ 2012 complication Soungs Kompf, out and shipping as of today.

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