♫♪  I I’M EYE MY - “She’s on a Different Trip”

Through the clout of mind spirals out I I’M EYE MY. Deeply meta-stricken within a harnessed mind’s eye, “She’s on a Different Trip” is more of a statement about the listener than the pronoun’d protagonist, “She.” As the video imagery suggest, color and perception is of the viewer/listener/observer, so leave her be, and enjoy the ride yourself. Personally, it’s all about the mushroom spirals, pyramid-light temples, magna stars, tree veined growth, and disintegration of shape. However, the images of actual reality in the video for “She’s on a Different Trip” are from the movie Where The Sun Has a Mustache.

Not Not Fun can’t stop killin’ it, you know? They’ll be slaying that modern kraut scene until it’s ready to trip again. And I I’M EYE MY brings exactly that on their new tape release entitled 7 Transmissions, which is out NOW, and melting more than just faces. But at this point, that’s expected within the Not Not Fun dynasty. In the shipping-time, you can conjure up your own ideas of these ever-forming vexed-out shapes in their video for “She’s on a Different Trip,” or hit up Decoder for I I’M EYE MY’s single “Streetcat Bonfire.”

Snoop Not Not Fun immediately for the new I I’M EYE MY cassette 7 Transmissions and enjoy the ride below:

• I I’M EYE MY: http://iimeyemy.tumblr.com
• Not Not Fun: http://www.notnotfun.com

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