♫♪  JASSS - “Oral Couture”

The press notes for Weightless — the debut full-length from Spanish DJ/sound crafter Silvia Jiménez Alvarez, recording here as JASSS — includes the following description of the record:

Mutual, unlike the hours when they are rough
Ribbons with ants inside
Open jars and coal, for a century of cold gorges.

Enemies of the plaster and the carnations.

In love that is silent, there is no curve, no grain.

Here no one sings,
Neither the guilt nor the mother,
Only the men who lean to cross their hands remain
The things that stand still.

Stir me occasionally, stir me occasionally

This short piece (unattributed, but we’re assuming it’s by Alvarez) captures this album’s particular vibration: hard, spacious, precise, and transmitting a lot with few ingredients — the kind of thoughtful techno-adjacent music built for both Berghain and cold headphone-covered midnight subway rides.

Vibe with it yourself on album track “Oral Couture,” which we are excited to premiere today. Weightless arrives September 18 on 2x12” and digital formats from iDEAL.

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