The adventure starts with a voice. Coming in over what sounds like a loudspeaker, only muffled, lost in translation. Maybe it’s Houston calling, calmly going over last-minute instructions to the cockpit of a space shuttle that’s about to try out warp speed for the first time in history. Whoever it is, whatever they have to say won’t help now. It’s begun, the low end and ebbing synth cluster in the upper register setting the pace with an unrelenting forward motion. It is super-slo-mo and fast-forward at the same time, mounting with a calculated intensity and extreme velocity. If things were to stop suddenly, the results would be catastrophic. Injuries would mount. Our intrepid pilot might die. This doesn’t happen, but our hero isn’t out of the woods yet… The bass starts to throb. There is a malfunction. It is terrifying.

Thus is the possible plight of Jeff Stonehouse on a new 3-inch CD-R from New Zealand’s Twin Peaks-obsessed label, Cooper Cult. Some may be familiar with Stonehouse’ previous project, Listening Mirror. Others still, like myself, may have no real background on the music he’s created in the past. Those in either camp, however, should they have a taste for drone, will find something especially tasty in the below work of music, which is here presented in full for the first time. Cooper Cult tells us that only 50 of these little CDs were made. They were released unto the world about a week and a half ago, and a shorter excerpt from “Broken” has already been heard over 200 times at CC’s SoundCloud page… and this premiere already has a comment on it before we even had the chance to premiere it: “A m a z i n g !” In other words, you might want to act fast.

• jffstnhs: http://jffstnhs.bandcamp.com
• cooper cult: http://coopercultrecords.com

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