♫♪  Jonah Parzen-Johnson - “Eyes Like Paddles”

Like the sort of day that starts off unassumed and meandering. Doing enough to feel accomplished during the morning ritual. And then lunch comes and you know this delivery person and they stay for a smoke. You want to show the more music by Jonah Parzen-Johnson, so you take the trip delivering pies around town. Every apartment is a new environment. Sometimes, you take a turn and pop in, and the waft of adventure fills your lungs with the now-night air. “Eyes Like Paddles,” the soundtrack to your breathing, helps you sink into the patience of non-stop action, controlling anxiety by-way of respiration.

Having listened to Jonah Parzen-Johnson’s newest album Remember When Things Were Better Tomorrow on Primary Records a few times now this morning, there’s an insatiable quality to all that tracks that stirs an inspiration for activity. And like his video for “I Wrote A Story About You, Without You, there’s a perceptive quality to his music expressed through the saxophone, singled out when paired to an entourage of observation in electronics. Sort of like how New York City is rewarding for people who pay attention to all the details, Jonah Parzen-Johnson sound, especially in “Eyes Like Paddles,” signifies his saxophone as the complimentary signifier of exploration in a kaleidoscope of electronic population.

It all makes sense. Just keep on repeating Jonah Parzen-Johnson by “Eyes Like Paddles” and grip his newest Primary Records’ LP Remember When Things Were Better Tomorrow June 2, because we’re already in May, and time flies.

• Jonah Parzen-Johnson: https://www.facebook.com/events/1590221391233522
• Jonah Parzen-Johnson: http://jonahpj.com
• Primary Records: http://primaryrecords.org

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