♫♪  Junior Loves - “Husk Discarnate”

London friends Junior Love and Scientific Dreamz of U are continuing their ascent into transpersonal holograms with the March 10 release of The Dreamcode through fourth dimension god child 1080p. A meditative terror often caught up in their monthly NTS Radio program, Kestrel Explorations, the split evenly draws tension and ordains relaxation. The name of their monthly radio show and the cover of The Dreamcode share a commonality with the Kestrel Falcon (here’s a picture of it soaring). The bird, native to the UK, has adapted to living in urban areas and is doing okay.

Prior to The Dreamcode, the two co-produced the eleventh installation of the ongoing semi-anonymous series of far out soundscapes, R-Zone. What was shared under the cloak of R-Zone 11, is deciphered and spread over eleven tracks. The two sides meddle with cosmic mysticism and dark heavens throughout The Dreamcode, never reaching for balance. Scientific Dreamz of U has two (1 2) of five out in the open, but this is the first peak at Junior Love’s side.

“Hack Discarnate” is a damp, grit stained wall to wall carpet carrying the aesthetics of a windowless basement. A self-destruction that can take any chair next to any demon present for the production of Maxinquaye. March’s release will mark Junior Love’s first physical with his name on it. Opinion: it’s the best tape from 1080p since Music for 1 Piano, 2 Pianos, & More Pianos. Fact: only 150 The Dreamcode cassettes are being made and pre-orders are up now.

• Junior Love: https://soundcloud.com/junior-loves
• 1080p: https://1080pcollection.bandcamp.com/

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