♫♪  Kaboom Karavan - “Kolik”

The good folks at Miasmah are set to release yet another incredibly moody, exquisitely detailed album, this time by Kaboom Karavan. It’s called Hokus Fokus and sees Bram Bosteel amplifying the surreal and filmic qualities of his music, evoking both terror and immersion with structural suspense and textural versatility. The album sounds aggressively modern, with its interplay between abstraction and narrative, but it also sounds anachronistic at times, with the creepy Kreng-like atmospherics heading straight into a pre-WWII smokehouse of clunky Tom Waits rhythms and sinister vaudeville theatrics.

“Kolik” is the opening track, and its video, despite its minimalism, makes clear just how visual the album can be. In fact, Bosteel — who composes for film, theater, and dance — originally created the song for a film by director Liesbeth Marit, titled Yuri and the frustration of our ponies; the video here is sourced directly from the movie. Check it out below, in all its understated beauty and unsettling creepiness:

Miasmah will be releasing Kaboom Karavan’s Hokus Fokus, as well as a vinyl version of his debut album, Short Walk With Olaf, on Friday. Go here for more info.

• Kaboom Karavan: http://kaboomkaravan.wordpress.com
• Miasmah: http://miasmah.com
• Liesbeth Marit: http://liesbethmarit.be

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