♫♪  Kai Whiston - Houndstooth

Kai Whiston’s filth-rawness is intriguingly matched by the crisp quality presented in the new TAR EP, Houndstooth. As heard in young Kai Whiston’s TMT mix, the cut level and master editing abilities are abound. Grit like faded memories still struggling to hang on. Concoctions like potions that melt them insides. Rare fades of time kicking back. Bass like a game of chess. Melody as rythm, both inescapably imprisoned. Houndstooth is what came from digging. Gum-blood flowing, being swallowed in gulps. Leaning forward. Bleeding out. Kai’s behind the knife. Blood splashing upon TAR’s surgeon mask.

Houndstooth dropped. Kai Whiston is murdering it. TAR facilitates:

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