♫♪  KANYON - “Noose”

Dropping next Friday is the first Bootleg Tapes release since June, which V E S A’s tape is still being “reeled” in the TMT music database by various writers. I know y’all’ve been waiting long and sweating profusely for the newest tape, and it’s here: Palladium by Kanyon. But you only get a taste of it with “Noose.” Though, simply calling it a “taste” is completely false, since it starkly goes in on some beat driven notions, antiquated and refurbished sounds, and pretty much people “Wooing,” Aying” or “[dying].” Just look at the cover-art. And then think the title of this song. Palladium seems to be Kanyon’s escape and/or call-for-help letter. Or just a fucking PARTY!

Tell ya what. The reasonable middle ground here is that Palladium will inevitably slay the next event you hold in a basement or warehouse. Pop that Bootleg tape in and let Kanyon help you ride this high out. Feel as though you’re dying on the inside because some metal is melting and coursing throughout your body, and the only way to alleviate that tension is to dance your fucking limbs off. Maybe? But YES! And coming down off that SWIMTEAM_RADIO_001 mix with Yung AOL, Kanyon is ready to wield every beat as a fine-sharpened weapon of movement.

Will you survive the “Noose” before that Palladium melts onto Bootleg Tapes NEXT FRIDAY??

• Kanyon: https://soundcloud.com/kanyon_ny
• Bootleg Tapes: http://bootlegtapes.bandcamp.com

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