♫♪  Karla Borecky - “The Passing of Clouds”

“The Passing of Clouds,” the second track off of Karla Borecky’s Still in Your Pocket, is a dose of deep-thinker’s medicine. Repetitious, gorgeous, melancholic, and well paced, it can yield to extracting the buried thoughts which can be lost to too much change or alteration. As clouds pass overhead, an awnings of sound deflects the indented arrangements of leaves falling from the trees. The lines build, peacefully, growing bit by bit. Grow with it. Get deep. Or remain stagnant and remember what’s worth remembering.

Mostly known for her 25 plus years as half of the prodigious duo Idea Fire Company, Still in Your Pocket has the destinction of being Borecky’s first solo album to date. Originally recorded between 2007 to 2010 and released in 2011 as a limited cassette on Entr’acte, Sean McCann’s Recital imprint is re-issuing the collection of seven vignettes on October 21st in a vinyl edition of 285 copies. And while the press release makes a case for an “undercurrent of playful humor” a la Satie, I have no reservations saying I could sit in this furniture all day.

• Karla Borecky: http://anti-naturals.org
• Recital Program: http://www.recitalprogram.com

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