♫♪  Katie Kim - “Ghosts”

Are ghosts real? This is one of those questions that seems permanently open. Whether or not there is actual life after death, or even an undefinable zone that a soul might get lost in, words like “ghostly” or “haunted” are needed for understanding something about life. The sense that even after a thing moves on — a person, a place, anything — some fragment of it stays floating around, a little invisible sensation you can’t quite ever get rid of — those uncanny feelings that, for how true and unexplainable they seem, spook us.

Listening to Irish singer Katie Kim’s voice might also convince you that ghosts exist: it can sound as if drifting out from some kind of split between worlds, both immediately present and a dimension away. I’ve never seen a ghost, but that’s how I imagine it: somehow both here and not here. In the video for her song “Ghosts” (directed by Cáit Fahey), which we have the pleasure of premiering below, Kim uses childhood as the most literal kind of ghost: a life that was once very real, but in time turns into just a hint of itself, gone for good but stuck at a middle place in our memory, essentially forgotten even while we’re living it.

Katie Kim’s most recent album, Salt, can be found over at her Bandcamp or via iTunes. Watch the video here:

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