♫♪  Khalil - “Estate Straight Line”

Cover art for Khalil's debut The Water We Drink

According to my Tarot reader, August 2017 is a time to stay as hydrated as possible. I don’t exactly remember why (I think the moon is up to something suspicious), but I do remember her saying that the more water we drink, the more we are able to clean out the bad stuff and let in the good. Maybe that’s a little basic when you look at it, but… she’s probably not wrong.

Khalil — the newest avant-pop project of Nikolaj Vonsild (of When Saints Go Machine and Cancer) and producers Simon Formann (Yen Towers, Lower) and Villads Klint — seem to have something similar on their mind on their debut album. As we recently reported, The Water We Drink is all about water — its power to sustain life, to overwhelm us physically, to leak dramatically from our eyes, and even to be carried around portably — and today, we are happy to premiere album cut “Estate Straight Line,” a romantic, yearning bit of avant-pop as wide and clear as a sea of Evian.

The Water We Drink will be available August 25 from Posh Isolation. Pre-order it right over here, and quench your thirst in the interim by streaming “Estate Straight Line” below.

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