♫♪  Kodomo - “Endless Waves” (Taylor Deupree Remix)

Hey readers. Time-warp with me, real quick? Thanks! Here we go. BOOM. Okay, It’s 2014. Everyone inexplicably likes Daft Punk’s shitty new record. Obamacare is here (yay), but its kind of a mess (boo). And Brooklyn IDM producer Kodomo (a.k.a. Chris Child) just put out a little record called Patterns & Light, featuring a mix golden-era WARP-type stuff and ambient vibes (hooraaaaay!). Still with me?

Okay, great. Back to the future! Here we go. BOOM. Okay, it's 2016 again. Bowie is still fucking dead (boo). Team Ruff just won the shit out of the Puppy Bowl (yay). And MOST IMPORTANTLY, Child is following up that ol' 2014 Kodomo record with a new EP of remixes called Endless Waves (hooraaaaay!). "Endless Waves" of happiness and joy!

The new EP, which is due on February 26, was mastered by sound artist and Deupree also contributed a subtle/shifting remix of the title track, which you can officially stream ‘til your heart’s content down below.

As Child explains: “Taylor Deupree did a previous remix for ‘Concept 11’ on Still Life, my first album, and I’ve been working with him over the past five years on the design for all my releases. In his expanded version [of “Endless Waves”], he worked exclusively with the original tracks of the song, running them through his elaborate modular setup, working without any tempo.” Um… “elbaorate modular setup?” Drool! ENDLESS WAVES of DROOL. Check out the results down below. And thanks again for time-warping with me back there. That meant a lot.

Endless Waves tracklisting:

01. Mind Like A Diamond (Allies for Everyone Remix)
02. Endless Waves (Taylor Deupree Remix)
03. Endless Waves (Kodacrome Remix)
04. Endless Waves
05. Mind Like a Diamond

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