♫♪  Kohl - “Learned Ethics / Imposed Ethics”

Last week, Umor Rex announced a quartet of tapes spanning shimmering drones, abstract electronics, and, as we are about to get into, some icy dub techno. NYC photographer and musician Nathaniel Young, operating under the Kohl alias, heads deep into the murky, hazy club tones with Learned Ethics / Imposed Ethics, a collection of dub/ambient techno workouts. Maybe it’s a little on the slow side to get your dance on, but I could see myself doing a 3 AM shuffle as these hypnotic tunes keep you going further into the night and into the morning. Or, if you’re like me, you’ll throw this on when you get up at 4 AM for a track workout, thinking you’re “edgy” for being up super early. When you leave the house and see college kids still up, partying and smoking cigs in the apartment across the street, forcing you to hang your head and resign yourself to the fact that you are old.

I digress, as there is no one ideal listening space for Learned Ethics / Imposed Ethics. Late nights and early mornings lend themselves well to the narcotic, subterranean zones Kohl inhabits. Whether you’re mellowing out, coming down from a good night, or killing time at work, Kohl’s dub techno stylings make for a winner.

Pre-order Learned Ethics / Imposed Ethics HERE, along with the other choice cuts from this impeccable new batch of tapes.

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