♫♪  KRON - “Total Space Jam”

Face it, y’all: these days, “reality” just ain’t cutting it anymore.

Luckily, that’s exactly where the Los Angeles-based “Mortal Kombat-safari, house-horror analog synth, audio/visual trio” known as KRON come in. Having just released the soaring, seething, space-flying, synth-rock EP entitled simply KRON EP (which you can snag now) via Ring The Alarm this past October, the adventurous threesome of Michael Sherer (RS7000/Keys), Sean Krell (Eurorack modular/Keys) and Sam Newell (LZX modular/Visuals) are taking a GIANT LEAP FOR MANKIND with today’s unveiling of a new 3D, “virtual reality” video for the EP track “Total Space Jam.”

The high-tech video comprises a face melting journey through space, in which Y-O-U the viewer are, in the words of band member Sam Newell, “poised to hack and assimilate any possible life in the universe.” Check out a 2D facsimile of the modular-synth-fueled space safari down below right now, and get your hands/eyeballs on the REAL DEAL by ordering the limited-edition 12” vinyl, which comes with your own personal set of VR goggles. And hey, who knows: maybe if you keep wearing them after you’re done watching the video, dismal-old conventional reality will start to look a little more awesome too!

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