♫♪  LAKE - “Dog In The Desert”

LAKE has got to be the cutest band on Earth. Okay, maybe they don’t have the cheekbones of them One Direction boys, but seriously, I can’t think of anything more adorable than LAKE. Ashley Eriksson’s heart-melting voice and the band’s sleepy, syncopated style are just plain delightful. But their newest record, The World Is Real, is certainly not their cutest endeavor to date.

With a slightly heavier heart than their previous releases, The World Is Real sounds like R.E.M. when they were on Sesame Street mixed with Paul Simon when he was on Sesame Street, with a dash of Stevie Wonder… when he was on Sesame Street. A particularly stunning track from the new album is “Dog In The Desert,” which features soft, windy keyboards; distant, whispering guitar phrases; and Eriksson’s cloudy vocals, all glazed over by a brooding molasses bass line. Eriksson sings, “Are you ready to be abandoned, to be lonely, to be sheltered by the wind?” Daunting words from the most comforting messengers imaginable.

LAKE’s The World Is Real is out September 17 on K Records.

• LAKE: http://www.laketheband.com
• K Records: http://krecs.com

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