♫♪  Laughing Eye Weeping Eye - “Earth”

Three Fates

Listen carefully to the exhaled vocals of Rebecca Schoenecker. Hear the pairing of Patrick Holbrook’s practice in soft-folk, accompanying drop. The Laughing Eye Weeping Eye duo Once Was You. Here, “Earth” is carved in three fates (portrayed by Schoenecker, Kari Couture, and Sarah Thierman), self entombed, yet bestowing their blessing/curse upon humanity. If anything were ever this pagan on the daily for me, I’d’ve probably already made a house of leaves and full of insects. Whilst only listening to the Laughing Eye Weeping Eye release Once Was You (new Moon Glyph tape out August 24).

With hearty drone lengths of melodiously frail sounds, Schoenecker’s voice lays the foundation upon this thick rock, shaping it into “Earth,” chiseling the serenity by the softness of tone, and strength of depth and respiratory breadth. Encapsulated in vibration harmoniously resonating throughout the insides of all humans, whether or not they listen. The eclipse of Laughing Eye Weeping Eye dawns upon “Earth” as an all-powerful and imprisoned vessel. Though, there’s much more to explain within Once Was You. So head on over to Moon Glyph August 24 for more of life’s treasures on “Earth.”

Oh and they have tour dates for the end of August as well—

—Aug 21 Pittsburgh @ Mr Roboto Project (w/ Diamond Shapes, Sun Cycles, and Grandpa Egg)
—Aug 22 Philadelphia @ ChaCha’Razzi (w/ Mike Bruno Shadow Band, Hallowed Bells, and Nick Millevoi’s Bug Out)
—Aug 26 Montreal @ La Plante (w/ Personal Suave (YlangYlang and Così e Così), Painted Faces, and Alien Trilogy)
—Aug 27 Toronto @ Ratio (w/ Loom and Picastro)
—Aug 29 Chicago @ Cafe Mustache (w/ Columba Fasciata and Rasplyn)

• Laughing Eye Weeping Eye: https://laughingeyeweepingeye.bandcamp.com
• Moon Glyph: http://moonglyph.com

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