♫♪  Lessondary - “PTSD”

USE: To forget, to escape, to mollify, to temper, to dampen, to ameliorate, to self-medicate. DIRECTIONS: Procure the drugs, do the drugs, function as normally as possible on the drugs, repeat as self-directed. WARNING: Side-effects may include arrest, fine, probation, imprisonment, forced labor, cruel and unusual punishment. To avoid side-effects, store inside private residence at all times, stay put, board up doors and windows, stockpile armaments, cut all insecure lines of communication, send for drugs through coded message delivered via carrier pigeon, stockpile more armaments, stop writing about being on drugs—


In “PTSD,” Elucid, Che Grand and Donwill explore the institution of self-medication, like gonzo journalists undercover at an N.A. meeting, so it’s fitting that the video for this Brickbeats production finds these four Lessondary support group members in that exact setting, with the producer moderating as the MCs tell all … and then attack him—


Relax, it’s OK, just chill, remember your breathing, count your breaths, 1, 2—


With imagery oscillating between chaos and chain gangs, “PTSD” makes for an excellent thematic companion to Armand Hammer’s “Willie Bosket.” But that’s neither here nor there—


“PTSD” is on Ahead of Schedule, which is on CD and cassette and digital (yes, PCP), which are on HiPNOTT Records. Ahead of Schedule arrived on the heels of Never 2ndary, which landed on TMT’s Favorite Mixtapes of June 2016. Everybody’s on something. Legalize it all. This text is on the premiere of the “PTSD” video, which is on—

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