♫♪  Lily Taylor - “Across The Hills”

Photo by Andi Harman

In collaboration with visual artist Sean P. Miller, Lily Taylor has released the first single “Across The Hills” off her upcoming album Ride, due later this month on Pour le Corps on LP and CS (pre-order here). Ride comes at listeners after Taylor earned a degree in contemporary music and drifted from the West and East coasts, ending up currently in Dallas, refining her musical technique and uniqueness. And as the album has been building itself throughout the years, listeners are privy to her adventures via sound across the great landscape that is America.

“Across The Hills” I feel is a good representation of riding through a state that’s completely surrounded my mountainous horizons, and as one drives throughout, they just wonder what it’d look like atop one of those heights. However, y’all are driving and got a destination, so there ain’t no stopping or detouring now. Yet, “Across The Hills” has such a longing sound that even at night, still covering some ground on the trail, looking toward a black sky, you’re curious if the pitchness is due to the lack of sunlight or because there are giant lobs of land obstructing your view, again making one wish they had a view not many have been honored to gaze.

Here, “Across The Hills” gives listeners the opportunity to dream along with Lily Taylor as she also offers y’all to take the long-awaited Ride with her (via Pour le Corps), either in your living room on LP or in the [everywhere] on CS! Scope the wild visual zones of Sean P. Miller below:

Also below is the audio stream of “Across The Hills” and here’s the LP pre-order:

• Lily Taylor: http://www.lilytaylormusic.com
• Pour le Corps: http://pourlecorpsrecords.bandcamp.com

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