♫♪  Lokal Affair - Seremunia

Lokal Affair

A silent, agitated tit bird. A swooping gull. A man gulping in the market. A man banging metal against his wooden, musical wooden palm. A city contains an infinity of unique sounds, but together makes the same repetitive motions, day in and day out. Cars move in one direction at one time, and merchants sulk in the shade when the sun is highest. You carefully fold your black pants and black t shirt because it’s too hot for anything except lightweight nylon shorts and a loose, nipple-covering garment up top. Down low the insects are doing a funky, esoteric daily dance (that is a new thing you notice). There’s always something new. You smirk and sip pop out of a chunky bottle, wait for the evening to roll over. Lokal Affair’s debut EP, Seremunia, contains the soothing everythingness of daytime city noise, and the echoes of the blacklight nighttime stars blotted out by the rising sun during the walk home from the club. He talks about chakras and is inspired by life in the desert (something I know absolutely nothing about), and he channels this into his mesmerizing flurry of beats, shakes, shivers, tablas, voices, and quakes.

The music on his debut four track for the Portland based global music label Boomarm Nation contains classic elements of house music with a head full of smoke. Lokal Affair has trekked across the world with his music, mixing tracks for labels in Amsterdam (Hug), Paris (Sweet Musique), and Bali (Sweet Bali). Join the international parade. You can stream the EP ahead of its release below, and purchase Seremunia on October 27th from Boomarm Nation.

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