♫♪  Lord $M$ - “ROLLUP”

Mystery arises outta the depths of sewage and bootleggers of Bed Stuy. Even though me an’ Lord $M$ are homies, don’t mean I even know (or wanna know) what’s going on in that noggin’ ‘cause I’d rather figure it out listening to music, and goon when we’re gooning. But a crew has emerged (Yung Aol, AceMo, Color Plus, Kanyon), and they’ve gone straight relay on samples in SwimTeam69NY. For more information you can go to the link below and fuck yourself. In the mean-time, freak on some fuckery below via Lord $M$’ “ROLLUP” ASAP:

New AceMo and Lord $M$ EP coming out SOON called Cold Body.

• Swim Team: http://swimteam69.net

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