LOVE SUPRÆME (f.k.a. Hey Mother Death), the [now] London-based — by way of Canada and France — duo, had faith in the good word of TMT, and gave us the honor of premiering their newest single, “GOD MOVES THROUGH THE CITY,” off their up-coming EP, LOVE SUPRÆME out July 24. For me, the track screams MC-house mixed with the new Alt-Gospel wave a lot of mainstream and underground musicians are deploying, but with a more robotic, vocoder tinge to it that becomes faith-based, but equally heartless. And the flesh on flesh on flesh tones of the video help focus on how noticeable the differences are between the background, Laurence, Denma, the lyrics they behold, the beat that bangs throughout, and the deeper emotions at stake. “GOD MOVES THROUGH THE CITY” is this summer’s 3AM anthem. Find yourself, read below, and play the video a the bottom.

“GOD MOVES THROUGH THE CITY” is a prayer for a city, for its unbearable loneliness. The refrain was inspired by Blind Willie Johnson’s “God Moves On The Water;” “god” for us being the image of empathy, connection, love, that flowed through our old city of Paris after the violence of the night of the Bataclan, but really is flowing through every city all the time just unnoticed and therefore bypassed in our ultra connected yet ultra isolated society. Its also a response to the concept of “god” as a simultaneous reason for violence and prayer.

Musically its the most minimal and raw track on the album, everything left on it was a first take. We wanted to pay homage to the ultra processed vocal sound, so left the vocals totally naked and also simultaneously pushed past the threshold of humanness. Jay Crocker of Joyful Talk lent some additional production.

We gave JF Julian free pick of all the tracks, and he connected with the emotions of God. We agreed to take a different approach to any of our previous work together with HMD, and to mirror the rawness of the music with raw unprocessed extremely minimal images; to let it just BE, no tricks, as uncomfortable/ unaesthetic/ claustrophobic & emotional as the duality of the song’s themes and musical parts.

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