♫♪  Luci - Church of the white devil, vol. i


The flesh is an eternal muse. It’s weird, wonderful, stretchy, and contains all of those pseudo-mechanical bits that keep us coughing up carbon dioxide. Nobody seems content with their own, and, as the emerging producer/MC LUCI indicates in the title of his debut release, it has inspired years of institutional dominance and conflict. Flesh is also inherently erotic — as an artistic material, it can bind, shroud, and eroticize.

Luci is an energetic, anxious project, in the late-capitalist punk vein of Death Grips and Cities Aviv. It’s an aggressively experimental string of songs, with stream-of-consciousness lyrics and acrobatic samples. Some of it feels like multiple ideas sutured together, like deranged nightmares. Luci revels in the chaos, Joker-esque, a real white devil, “precisely enunciated flows relentlessly insist that he feels wonderful… Oh, and that his skirt’s up, come fuck him.” (their words not mine). Fuck at your own risk.

Stream Church of the White Devil below, and get cyber-personal with Luci on his Instagram page.

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