♫♪  Luke Stewart - Works for Upright Bass & Amplifier

; not like the onion
it’s a one-peel produce: project A119
crack it against the counter, twist and reveal what’s inside
the checkout line

for distraction
out in deep space
in my helmet
I looked at gulf wax photo and
tried to imagine its smell
Instead of the smell in my nose, the small fire in my boot
cante jondo in my throat

this is why I have to keep changing jobs every few weeks or so
can’t seem to land anywhere where they appreciate a good imagination.
my latest post
I was in no position to not accept it
I struggled with the offer, struggled with the helmet, to keep the window clear enough to float all the way

  soon as I landed the surface started sucking me down into it
like I was caught in a swirl of pineapple dole whip
thick blended oats, the makings of a sinkhole
taste of peach too

  laughing moon
men watching, then grinding tridents into spine
the old way of making the ice cream
dinosaurs in the sky when I

Washington DC-based Luke Stewart’s Works for Upright Bass and Amplifier has just been released on Austin-based Astral Spirits. “Live is the Medium” excerpt video by Patrick Cain.

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