♫♪  Malta - “A Shift”

Malta’s “A Shift” is straight-up the future of R&B. Keep it simple. Cont. singing, yeah. But make it reflect the music, plz. Sick of all this. “Oh good, we got a beat, I’ll sing to it now!” Felisha in front of me at work is ALL about singing and/or performance — if she can’t belt out in editorial while editing, she’ll just take a hand off the keys for a second to wiggle a Mariah finger to her highest note in “All I Want For Christmas” while it’s July, and frying outside. Just saying, ANYONE can be an R&B start, but most are just a Mariah finger wiggle in comparison to what Malta is working in “A Shift.”

Just this intro is so PERFECT to the track, it’s borderline insatiable. How do you define your music while also try to represent personality and genuine article? Well, don’t pretend. Make your music. And Malta kills it with pitch switching production, beat melting rhythms, and twitch-into-syrup vocals, blending both vocal performance and finely executed instrumentals that are pretty most post-chillwave. Haven’t heard that genre in awhile? Well, that’s tite, b/c Malta isn’t necessarily bringing it back, but picking up where it started to fizzle, and made it a whole new world of music to explore.

Good old Zoom Lens is popping off Malta’s مالتا for free download TOMORROW, so enjoy “A Shift” in R&B for just a taste today, and head on over to the labels’ Bandcamp in the morning for more swag where the streaming below came from:

• Malta: https://soundcloud.com/maltamusic
• ZOOM LENS: https://zoomlens.bandcamp.com

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