Mamiffer & Circle
“Kaksonen 1”

Too often, “collaborations” are little more than different musicians each independently playing their obvious parts. The ego does not retreat; even as every voice gets their say, there is no conversation happening. It’s all a lot of yelling and trying to be heard. It’s a humbling thing then to hear different musicians make conversation seem so effortless and genuine, and to hear them strike such an elegant balance between distinction and disappearance.

I had the privilege of talking with Mamiffer and Locrian about this very thing last year. I didn’t learn much about the technicality of collaborations. I only learned that it takes particular personalities, that is, those fundamentally open to the very possibility of collaboration. The situation — the recording studio, the equipment, and even the talent — only determines so much. It really is, instead, a posture of openness, an “ethic of conversation,” that clears the way for making something truly effective, collaboratively.

What I then mean to say — with absolutely shameless, uncritical praise and admiration — is that it’s no surprise to me (at all) that Mamiffer and Circle were able to make this work, together. Below is only one stunning example of this extraordinary collaboration. And believe me when I say that you should look forward to hearing the others as well.

“Kaksonen 1” is from Enharmonic Intervals (for Paschen Organ), a collaborative album by Mamiffer & Circle, which will be released October 13 on SIGE Records.

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