♫♪  memorygarden禅 - “ブルーsky”

There’s a nap I take with a man on the 7-train once a week. He usually falls asleep before I do, but it’s always mutual. And whether it’s the express-retro or local-modern 7-train, we share a cadence of breath between us. If I or he awake before each other, was tap one-another twice before leaving. A “Thank you” with a smile always ensues with our departure from each other and the station, and it typically involves an exchange of patting on the arms or backs.

Constellation Tatsu keeps a longevity of meditative, functionally consistent air to their music, that memorygarden禅 (a.k.a. CYBERPORT, a.k.a. hotline) feels entirely at peace. Abandonment of vaporwave is existent as it is inevitable. Take a visit to districtアトランティス this Feb. 5. Forever, we shall rise toward the “ブルーsky” ///

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