♫♪  Michael Beharie - “Damion”

Been a minute since I hurt a lick of Michael Beharie. I think it was the Words+Dreams cassette of This One Breath mixtape that Matthew got at me with last year at the Cassette Store Day Tape Meet ☺. A lot of links, but worth wild to click, because not only has Astro Nautico dropped Beharie’s newest Lace EP on the digital, but you can find the label as one of the top dogs working this year’s Cassette Store Day Tape Meet ☺ (come on out, free pizza on me, for real).

Anyhow, Michael Beharie is really killing the music video game by dropping a real tail-spin of visuals his first track off Lace EP, “Damion.” Pairing a spaced-out -edelia collage of crystals, gravitiless gas, astro-insects, one determined fish, and a whole bit of evolution with Beharie’s percussive-psych production technique, one’s imagination swirls with intrigue. Them lily-pad piano keys. A flute that breaths dark-matter, and maybe water. Grid-locked chimes that become as digital as they may be IRL. Worlds collide:

And if the video for “Damion” don’t entice you enough, below is the full Lace EP for your ravenous ears. Grip it them tracks. Rip them tracks. Blast them tracks in your car the rest of this week and into the weekend. Michael Beharie is back in action and Austro Nautico never sleeps on a genius.

• Michael Beharie: http://michaelbeharie.com
• Astro Nautico: http://astronauti.co

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