♫♪  Michaelangelo Green - Neomatrix

Inside is a white light, like a dream, the color of hands reaching out to shield the ominous glare, but it burns the eyes from all angles and is impossible to barrier. This white light radiates of crystal shared and embedded within, fragmenting blaring, pure refracted 8k+ rays. These crystals are jammed inside bone and flesh, protruding and dripping off their last droplets of blood, nearly cleaning themselves with the light they bare. Upon the forehead of this great beast, a triangle beams these rays into America, translating hope into internal damnation of a dream. This beast snarling and frothing from the mouth, spouting incantations of the American National Anthem and God Bless America, while commuting complete apocalypse. The reality is nigh. Have you been through this night?

Internet and avatar sensation, Michaelangelo Green is back — on 9/11 — to release the newest bit of American drudgery: Neomatrix. It’s as thematically engaging James Ferraro’s Boston Marathon, pristinely produced like Dedekind Cut’s $uccessor, and (generally) HKE’s stretching limits to how FOR REAL can one reach, Neomatrix leans into the musical void and becomes a tapestry of thought processed more than another background of heirlooms. Pensive is the word for it, though, looming in the depths of post-Internet personality terror. Finding out who you really are: in a dark web forum trading bitcoin for weapons wearing an embroidered Pizza Gate balaclava, every 49 seconds making eye contact with yourself in the mirror, swearing. Michaelangelo Green is the camera watching all of us. Get droned:

Also, don’t forget how Michaelangelo is like our modern day Mikey Cooper, so lets all behold Green’s pale horse below (that was banned from YouTube! Snoop below the block quote….

YouTube has removed and banned my conspiracy theory documentary “THE NEOMATRIX PATRIOT EDITION” today and has assigned a “Community Guidelines strike”, which is a temporary penalty to my account. A few days ago, the video was flagged by Artificial Intelligence neural nets that analyzed the hashtags and description of the video and they labeled the video as “Age Restricted”, which would remove any eligibility from monetization. They claimed the images were of a violent nature which was false. I appealed (with only being allowed approximately 100 characters to make my case) and You Tube responded by removing the “Age Restricted” flag from my video. Shortly after, I released the video publicly on You Tube and it was taken down several hours later and banned. If anybody is in the media and is interested in covering this story, plz msg me. If this story can get media attention, then You Tube will likely back off and allow the video back on their website.

It should be noted that two alternative versions of “THE NEOMATRIX” were made, and the version on You Tube was designed to “pass off as a legitimate conspiracy theory documentary to troll the Conspiracy Theory Culture that favors a pro-Trump sentiment; as a probe to both challenge the increasing censorship that Google initiates on conservative viewpoints in the Trump era, while simultaneously disrupting the network of endless Conspiracy Theory documentaries that legitimizes speculative reasoning without critical thinking.”

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